Premium Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women
Premium Polarized Sunglasses

In this life, it seems that everything begins with a question.
Ours was simple, but it turned out that it hid a very well guarded secret.

According to Forbes magazine, 80% of the luxury brands in the global eyewear market are controlled by a few multinationals. Their hegemonic and dominant position is pronounced by their high prices well above all the other brands in the market.

It was at the beginning of 2018 when we decided that we wanted to break this dynamic and start a sunglass brand that provided supreme performance and clarity in vision but at a very affordable price. We started sharing our narrative with designers from all over the world and quickly formed a committed team.

After months of work, we managed to consolidate a collection of seven models, all remarkable styles in their own right. Next, we focused all our efforts on finding the best factories in the world - the same ones that produce your favorite designer brand sunglasses. We visited them several times until we established a close personal relationship. It wasn’t long before we evaluated all ethical factors in a thorough way: From the proper functioning of the organization to the well-being of each worker.

Riviera Shades guarantees high-quality, durability, strength, and lightness of each sunglass. Our lenses are exclusively made by technicians who promise exquisite visual quality. We make sure that our experts maintain the sunglass’s essential lightness so as not to compromise comfort.

Finally, we had the opportunity to create a platform where we could reach the masses directly – no middle man and no distributor. At Riviera Shades, we developed a culture where the sunglasses are the protagonists. Since 2018, more than 10,000 customers from all around the world have shown us their support. We are always moving forward, creating our own path in the sunglass industry.