Premium Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women
Premium Polarized Sunglasses

Lens Colors Features & Benefits

Choosing the right lens color can make all the difference in the world. Riviera Shades lens colors provide superior performance in different light conditions ranging from low-light to extremely bright light.


  • Every day activities
  • Provides near-natural vision
  • Transmits true color perception
  • Reduces eye fatigue
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  • Increase contrast sensitivity
  • Popular among skeet shooters
  • Filters out blue light
  • Provides clarity in fog or haze
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  • Provides superior vision in bright & sunny places
  • Supports clear vision in snowy conditions
  • Improves visual depth and road visibility
  • Reduces eye strain
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  • Enhances orange, green, and black
  • Performs well under average conditions
  • Trendy and aesthetically pleasing
  • Enhances color perception
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  • Filters out blue light.
  • Provides the highest level of contrast
  • Perfect for cloudy-day driving
  • Superb performance in low-light conditions
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  • Brightens shadows and fades glare
  • Improves contrast in low-light conditions
  • Provides good balance among the colors
  • Popular for golf, tennis and outdoor sports
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  • Perfect for cloudy weather
  • Popular lens color among tennis and golf players
  • Filters blue light the most
  • Produces a relaxing effect
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  • Improves contrast & depth perception
  • Suitable for overcast days
  • Filters blue light
  • Perfect choice for Fashion-conscious people
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